Guerrilla Advertising

A great book for those new to guerrilla advertising or just want to see a few best. The thing I like the most is that none of the campaigns featured are of the sleazy undercover variant that’s become so prominent these days.

When you go undercover and deceive people you’re missing that it’s about to create experiences and get the crowd to talk about you because of that, not to get them to talk about you no matter what.

A good example of buzz-generating with the wrong idea: all the anonymous videos designed to go viral that have “anonymous” creators, but really is a big corporation trying to get attention. Like Ray Ban’s video was anonymous at first.

I just don’t believe that deceiving those that are supposed to like you is a good way to go. Do fun stuff that lets them experience new things, but always be honest. That’s the only way to create something for the long term.

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